Multilingual Support

As an international publication representing an international market, we aim to reach all of our clients worldwide. Being proficient in many languages tears down the boundaries of communication and enables us to respond effectively to your needs. We equally represent all of our clients worldwide and we respect that many may feel more comfortable speaking in their native language. Our ability to communicate in many languages makes problem solving easier and it means that your needs will be met quickly and efficiently.

Forex Siri is now available in  languages:

    •    English:
    •    Arabic:
    •    Chinese:
    •    Hindi:
    •    Indonesian:
    •    Malay:
    •    Persian: 
    •    Urdu:
    •    Bengali:
    •    Thai: 
    •    Vietnamese:
    •    Russian: 
    •    Korean:
    •    Japanese:
    •    Spanish: 
    •    Portuguese (Portugal, Brazil): 
    •    Italian:
    •    French:
    •    German: 
    •    Turkish:

We will continue to add more languages to our offering as needed. If your language is still not available why don’t you contact us and make a request?
More updates coming soon!