Point Summary

Headquarters 5th Floor, 355 NEX Tower,
Rue du Savoir, Cybercity,
Ebene 72201,
Found in 1998
Regulation FSC, FSA
Platforms MT4 and MT5
Instruments Forex, Spot Metals, Spot Commodities, Spot Indices, Stock, Crypto-Curencies
Costs Trading costs and spreads are average compare
Demo Account Available
Minimum deposit $/€/£ 5, ₦1000
Leverage 1:1000
Commission on Trades Yes
Fixed Spread No
Deposit, Withdrawal options Credit Card, FasaPay, Neteller, Skrill, Webmoney, Wire Transfer
Education Limited
Customer Support 24/5


Alpari Review

Alpari founded in 1998 in Russia, Alpari Limited is a trusted FX dealer with vast experience in the field of retail forex trading. Over the years, the Alpari group of companies has grown to become one of the most sought-after brands in the field of online trading.

During this time, they have expanded and developed their offering consistently to be at the forefront of the industry, with over two million customers in 150 countries worldwide.
Alpari Review
But why, exactly, have over two million clients chosen to trade with Alpari? Alpari provides a forex trading environment that places a strong emphasis on trustworthiness, customer safety, and using technology that is both reliable and innovative. It is this emphasis on the customer experience that has seen so many clients return to the Alpari trading platform over the years.

In terms of what you can trade on Alpari, it puts on emphasis on providing you the means to diversify your trading and investment options. This means you can trade on more than 250 markets via Spot, CFDs and Futures across Forex, Stocks, Indices, Metals and Cryptocurrencies, on the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 Desktop, Web and Mobile platforms. Most importantly, Alpari put an emphasis on allowing you to trade and invest in a way that suits you best. As such, you are given the option of choosing from two Standard Accounts and two ECN Accounts.

The standard accounts are aimed more at the casual retail trader and consequently has a lower minimum deposit requirement and slightly higher spreads on average. In contrast, the ECN accounts are geared towards professional day traders and have lower spreads, but require a higher minimum account deposit. And another option is an automatic ECN technology via MT4 Bridge, which connects Alpari’s servers to the ECN, means trader’s orders executed at market price.

One of Alpari’s company missions is to help traders using the platform to realise their full potential. As such, not only are the trading conditions very favourable, it also has a full-featured ‘Learn to Trade’ section on their website, which provides both rookie and more experienced traders a number of educational resources to level up their trading skills. This includes webinars, beginners guides, and trading strategy guides for forex, commodities, and precious metals.

Another added bonus is that Alpari has a ‘Refer a Friend’ promotion on the website, which allows you to earn up to $50 for each person you refer to the platform—a great way to give yourself some extra funds to play with! Additionally, Alpari also runs a number of limited-time promotions through their website, including a cashback scheme for loyal users.

When you choose Alpari International, you’re trading with a global broker that is second to none. They work day and night to create and sustain a forex trading environment that helps everyone access the markets – from first-timers to those who’ve turned trading into a career.

Is Alpari safe or a scam?

Over the years, Alpari companies have received major awards for their success and the impact they’ve had in the industry. Some notable awards won by Alpari in the recent years include: the “Company of the Year Award”, “Most Reliable Broker Award”, and “Most Innovative Broker Award”

Today, there are multiple Alpari entities in various parts of the world operating under the Alpari brand. All these entities are licensed and well regulated. For instance, in Russia, there are two Alpari entities namely Alpari Broker LLC and Alpari Forex LLC both of which are licensed and closely monitored by the Central Bank of Russia.

Alpari also has offshore entities in Belize, and in the island of Saint Vincent where it is licensed and regulated by Belize’s Financial Services Commission (FSC) and the Financial Services Authority of St. Vincent respectively.

The Financial Commission, an international organization engaged in the resolution of disputes within the financial services industry in the Forex market.

Alpari Review
Alpari Review

According to the broker’s website, Alpari International also offers further protection to clients by:

  • All Alpari clients’ funds are kept in segregated accounts in banks.
  • Offering negative balance protection on accounts with instant and market execution.
  • Being a member of the international and independent body The Financial Commission which provides traders and brokers with an external dispute resolution mechanism. User claims from the Compensation Fund – following a judgement by the Commission in the user’s favour – cover up to EUR 20,000 per client.

It is a fact, Alpari does not hold reputable licenses from world leading authorities alike FCA and ASIC, which demands ultimate requirements of safety towards traders throughout brokerages. Yet, Alpari is a well-established and known brand, which proved its history and transparent product offering by the millions of clients they serve and a long history of successful operation.


Most recently, Alpari modernized the configuration it uses on its various trading accounts. Whether you are new to trading or consider yourself a highly experienced investor, Alpari has the right account level for you. Their main accounts are divided into two sections and vary depending on the platform of your choice. The two categories are trading and investing.

Some of the features are listed below:

Standard Accounts:

We give some special benefits between Standard and Micro to make your choice easier.

Forex Standard Account, MT4 Forex Micro Account, MT4
  • Take full advantage of floating 1:1000 leverage – multiply your profits but take care not to multiply your losses too.
  • Choose from over 80 financial instruments to buy and sell in the markets – the most any Alpari International account type has to offer.
  • The Standard Account is the perfect type of account for traders who’re looking to get more serious about taking advantage of the markets.
  • A minimum deposit of five dollars, pounds or euros
  • Newbies can try out their newly acquired forex trading skills without the high risks that other types of accounts may pose.
  • The simple trading environment allows traders to exploit real opportunities and acquire the knowledge before stepping up and risking bigger amounts of money.
  • Traders can test their Expert Advisors without making a big dent in their capital.

ECN Accounts

We give some special benefits between ECN and Pro to make your choice easier.
Forex ECN Account, MT4/MT5 Forex Pro Account, MT4
  • Total transparency, as your order goes straight to other market participants
  • Rock bottom – and even zero – spreads during high market volatility
  • No re-quotes, thanks to No Deal Desk technology
  • The best possible bid and ask prices from a range of market participants
  • Flexibility and trade continuity outside normal market hours and other breaks
  • Enhanced execution through direct trading
  • On the Pro account, we reserve the lowest spreads for the most experienced traders out there.
  • We know theres no limit to the volume of trading a professional can reach. Thats why we didnt set any on the Pro account; trade without limits.
  • Enjoy ECN conditions, including Market Execution, deep liquidity from top tier providers and no last look pricing.

There is a free demo account available, which can be used as a risk-free way to learn how to trade without depositing any funds. You will have access to both the MT4 and MT5 platforms, where you will be able to test out a variety of popular trading strategies.

Your demo account will be loaded with virtual funds, so you can take a practical approach to learning the art of trading.

How to open an account

Opening a live/demo account seems quick and easy by clicking here. This then leads to the registration page, as shown below:

Alpari Review
Clicks on ‘Send Pin’, Pin will be sent to your email or phone and can be used to complete the registration page above. Once logged in, users are then asked to complete their profile with the following information:

Alpari Review

Once completed Registration page users will be logged in to their very own Alpari International dashboard where they can open and manage different accounts, download different trading platforms, make deposits and withdrawals, view any promotions and access client support. Clicks ‘Open New Account’ the following options appear:
Alpari Review
As in the picture above, you can choose any account type as you want: live trading account, a live trading account for Alpari Invest, a demo trading account and an investment account.

With Alpari Invest, traders can access the Alpari Copy Trading service where users can follow Strategy Managers of their choosing. Traders can also apply to be a Strategy Manager and earn through commission fees.

Alpari International does not provide services to residents of the USA, Mauritius, Japan, British Columbia, Quebec, Saskatchewan Haiti, Suriname, the Democratic Republic of Korea, Russia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Georgia.


Alpari offers a wide range of broker products including Commodity CFDs, Index CFDs, Stock CFDs, Spot Metals, and ETF CFDs. Additionally, the company also offers binary trading where binaries can either be in spot metals or currencies.

Below is a list of just some of the markets that are available:
Standard Account MT4 Forex Majors, Minors, Exotics – 61 AUDJPY, AUDUSD, EURUSD, XAUUSD, GBPAUD, XAGUSD, USDSGD, CHFNOK, Germany 30 (Mini), Wall Street 30 (Mini) and more…
Spot Metals – 5
Spot CFDs – 14
Micro Account MT4 Forex Majors, Minors – 25 AUDUSD, EURUSD, XAUUSD, USDSGD and more…
Spot Metals – 2
Pro Account MT4 Forex Majors, Minors, Exotics – 54 AUDCAD, EURJPY, GBPNZD,XAGEUR, XAUUSD, USDSGD and more…
Spot Metals – 3
Forex Majors, Minors, Exotics – 56
Spot Metals – 3
Spot CFDs – 14
Crypto-Currencies – 4
Forex Majors, Minors, Exotics – 33
Spot Metals – 2
Stocks Account (Cash) NYSE and NASDAQ listed shares Apple, Amazon, Alibaba, Facebook, Microsoft, Alphabet and more…

Trading costs such as spreads, commissions and swaps vary depending on the account type and the trading platform being used which are briefly mentioned above, with more detail further down this review.

For example, according to the broker’s statement, the spreads on a Standard Account start from 1.2 pips, a Micro Account from 1.7 pips and an ECN Account from 0.4 pips.

The trading details of each instrument are taken from Alpari International’s website and are correct at the time of this review.


To trade with more significant volumes than the balance in your account, you can leverage your position to place higher value trades.

Forex trading performed at Alpari additionally to all attractive features also offers highest leverage of a maximum 1:1000. This entirely depends on the balance of your account, the type of trading account that you hold and the chosen trading instrument, thus minor currency pair most often allows leverage of 1:400, while commodities are set to 1:100.

The 1000 to 1 leverage amount will reduce as the notional trade size of open positions increased. If the total notional value reaches $8 million; the leverage will fall to a minimum level of 25 to 1. If you plan on trading cryptocurrencies and individual stocks, due to regulatory rules the maximum leverage offered is less.

Nevertheless, remember to learn how to use leverage smartly, as high set level may play against you as well, which dramatically increases your risks while trading.


Alpari International operates a web-based MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platform, with a dealing desk. Both platforms will provide a great level of flexibility, including modern and intuitive charting tools and simple navigation.

The Alpari website is mobile friendly. This means that clients can conveniently trade through their mobile devices. Last year, the company introduced Alpari Mobile Application in an effort to provide traders with unbeatable financial markets’ information.

There are 4 possible platform versions to choose from Desktop WebTrader, iOS and Android. As a result, traders can visit Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download trading applications.

Users can also download their chosen trading platforms directly from the broker’s homepage, or through the ‘My Platforms’ section, once logged in to their account. The following trading platforms are available:
Alpari Review

Which MT4, MT5 is better? We compare MT4 and MT5 to make your choice easier.

Alpari Review
We have made the popular MT4 and MT5 platforms available for all Alpari International clients. The new and updated version of MT5 boasts state-of-the-art features including options for hedging, while MT4 is slightly less advanced and more suited to traders who are new to the markets. Not sure which one to go for? You’ve come to the right place. We compare and contrast the two MetaTrader platforms for you here.

Description MT5 MT4
Number of supported types of order execution. 4 3
Partial edit option where a trade that is now available with maximum volume is executed, not exceeding the volume requested in the order, and unfilled volume is cancelled. Alpari Review Alpari Review
Additional order execution conditions Fill or Kill
Immediate or Cancel
Fill or Kill
Types of pending orders requesting a broker to buy or to sell a financial security under pre-defined conditions in the future. 6 4
Having one open position of a financial instrument only. Alpari Review Alpari Review
Having multiple positions of a financial instrument, both in the same and opposite direction Alpari Review Alpari Review
Bids and offers for a financial security at different prices depending on the volume Alpari Review Alpari Review
Technical indicators are used to automatically detect patterns in the financial instrument price dynamics 38 30
Analysis tools that help to identify financial instrument price trends, to detect cycles and support / resistance levels, to build channels and more 44 31
Group quotes of financial instrument in time intervals. 21 9
A fundamental analysis tool which features macroeconomic news from numerous countries that can affect financial instrument prices Alpari Review Alpari Review
Built-in email service, where you can receive notifications from Alpari International straight to your platform. Yes
(with attachments)
(without attachments)
EA tester and optimization modes. Multi-threaded
+ Multi-currency
+ Real ticks
Single thread
Chat with other traders directly from the platform Alpari Review Alpari Review

Deposits Withdrawals


Depositing funds into an Alpari International account is very convenient and secure process. There are various funding methods available as below:

Most deposit methods are commission free

Deposit Method (Local) Currency Fees / Commission Processing Time
FasaPay USD, IDR No Commission Instant
Afghan Local Transfers AFN 24 hours
Palestinian Local Transfers ILS 24 hours
South East Asia Online Banking MYR, THB, IDR, VND No Commission Instant
Local Exchange House 24 hours
Turkish Local Transfers TRY 24 hours
Indonesian Local Transfer IDR 24 hours
Indian local transfer INR 24 hours
TC Payment 1 hour
Latin American solutions MXN, BRL No Commission 1-2 business days
Pakistani Local Transfers PKR 24 hours
Latin American solutions via Skrill USD No Commission 1-2 Business Days
Mexican Local Transfer MXN 24 hours
Nigeria Local Bank Wire Transfer NGN No Commission 1 Business day
Online Banking Malaysia MYR No Commission Instant
Online Banking Indonesia IDR No Commission Instant
Nganluong (E-wallet banking channel) VND No Commission Instant
GlobePay GBP, USD, EUR No Commission Instant
Iraq Local Transfers (SHAK) IQD 24 hours
Online Banking Vietnam VND No Commission Instant
Online Banking Thailand THB No Commission Instant
China Online Banking (P) CNY No Commission 24 hours
Deposit Method (Credit cards) Currency Fees / Commission Processing Time
Visa EUR, USD, GBP No Commission Instant
Mastercard EUR, USD, GBP No Commission Instant
Maestro EUR, USD, GBP No Commission Instant
Deposit Method (E-Wallets) Currency Fees / Commission Processing Time
Skrill EUR, USD, GBP, PLN, CZK No Commission Instant
VLOAD USD, EUR No Commission Instant
TC Pay Wallet USD, EUR, AED No Commission Instant
Neteller EUR, INR, USD, GBP, PLN, NGN No Commission Instant
WebMoney USD, EUR, RUR No Commission Instant
Perfectmoney USD, EUR No Commission Instant
Bitcoin BTC No Commission 24 hours
Deposit Method(Bankwire) Currency Fees / Commission Processing Time
Bank Wire Transfer GBP, USD, EUR No Commission

3-5 Business Days

If a user is logged in to their account, they can also view additional options through selecting ‘My Money’ and ‘Deposit Funds’ tabs on the left side of the page, as shown below:Alpari Review

How to Make a deposit to your Alpari International

  1. Fill out the Fund Deposit form in MyAlpari – found in the ‘MyMoney’ section as below - and press ‘Confirm’.
  2. On the redirected page, you will need to sign in to complete the payment.
  3. Take a screenshot of your transfer in your bank, and make sure your full name, bank account number and transaction to Alpari International is clear.


Withdrawals are generally made through the same channel that deposits have been made through. Alpari International add no charges of their own to any fees which may be charged by such payment processors.

Withdrawal Method (Local) Currency Fees / Commission Processing Time
FasaPay USD, IDR 0.5% 24 hours
Local Exchange House 24 hours
Indonesian Local Transfer IDR 24 hours
TC Payment 24 hours
Pakistani Local Transfers PKR 24 hours
Latin American solutions via Skrill USD No Commission 3-4 Business Days
Afghan Local Transfers AFN 24 hours
Palestinian Local Transfers ILS 24 hours
South East Asia Online Banking MYR, THB, IDR, VND 1.4 % 24 hours
Turkish Local Transfers TRY 24 hours
Indian local transfer INR 24 hours
Latin American solutions MXN, BRL Brazil: 3.2%
Mexico: 1%+1 EUR
3-4 business days
Mexican Local Transfer MXN 24 hours
Nigeria Local Bank Wire Transfer NGN No Commission 24 hours
Online Banking Malaysia MYR 2% 24 hours
Online Banking Indonesia IDR 2% 24 hours
Nganluong (E-wallet banking channel) VND 1.1% + 0.05 USD 24 hours
GlobePay GBP, USD, EUR No Commission 24 hours
Iraq Local Transfers (SHAK) IQD 24 hours
Online Banking Vietnam VND 2% 24 hours
Online Banking Thailand THB No Commission 24 hours
China Online Banking (P) CNY No Commission 48 hours
Withdrawal Method (Credit cards) Currency Fees / Commission Processing Time
Visa EUR, USD, GBP 2 EUR/ 3 USD/ 2 GBP 24 hours
Mastercard EUR, USD, GBP 2 EUR/ 3 USD/ 2 GBP 24 hours
Maestro EUR, USD, GBP 2 GBP/ 3 USD/ 2 EUR 24 hours
Withdrawal Method (E-Wallets) Currency Fees / Commission Processing Time
Skrill EUR, USD, GBP, PLN, CZK No Commission 24 hours
VLOAD USD, EUR No Commission 24 hours
TC Pay Wallet USD, EUR, AED No Commission 24 hours
Neteller EUR, INR, USD, GBP, PLN, NGN No Commission 24 hours
WebMoney USD, EUR, RUR 2% 24 hours
Perfectmoney USD, EUR 0.5 % 24 hours
Bitcoin BTC 1 % 24 - 48 hours
Withdrawal Method (Bankwire) Currency Fees / Commission Processing Time
Bank Wire Transfer GBP, EUR 30 EUR 24 hours

How to Withdraw Funds from MyAlpari International

  1. In your MyAlpari account, go to ‘My Money’ and then ‘Withdraw funds’.
  2. Next, in ‘Local Payment Methods’ select the ‘Withdraw’ button to request a withdrawal.
  3. Follow the instructions that follow and fill out the Withdrawal form by including your bank account details before confirming the payment.
  4. Read the terms and conditions, and when you’re ready, press ‘Confirm’.
  5. A 4-digit payment password will be sent to you via text or email (check your junk or spam folder if you don’t receive the email within a few minutes). Enter the password on the withdrawal confirmation page and press ‘Submit’.
  6. On MyAlpari, you can track the progress of your transfer. Just go to the side menu in the ‘My Money’ drop-down menu, and click on ‘My Transfers’.
  7. If your withdrawal shows as ‘Processing’, that means that your request has been accepted and is pending completion. When it changes to ‘Funds sent’ (usually within one business day of your initial request) it means your funds have been transferred to your bank account.

If there’s been no trading activity on your account for at least 6 months, an inactivity fee of 5 EUR/ USD/ GBP will be applied.

In case of no trading activity, or if any form of abuse is found relating to the reimbursement policy, Alpari International reserves the right to reclaim any reimbursement fees. If you request to withdraw your funds after no trading activity, Alpari International reserves the right to charge you the equivalent amount of any banking fees incurred, or 3% of the total withdrawal amount.

Deposits are processed instantly in case there is no need for additional verification. Alpari International is not liable for any transfer delays you may experience due to a disruption of service in the system of the payment processor.


Trading Features

Want to trade forex but don’t know where to start? Experience all the excitement of the most liquid market in the world when you copy the trades of a suitable Strategy Manager.

Alpari CopyTrade allows you to copy the trading positions of another trader, called the Strategy Manager. The beauty is that you don’t need any advanced knowledge of forex trading to get started. These Strategy Managers usually have a wealth of experience in the markets, with tried-and-tested strategic trading decisions.

Users can choose the most suitable Strategy Manager for their needs and invest how much they want while having the ability to monitor their accounts in real-time through the Alpari Copy Trading app.Once you decide whom to follow, they do the trading that could lead to potential increases in your capital.

The Strategy Manager to earn through commission fees

How Alpari CopyTrade works
Alpari Review
Let’s say you invest $1000. You start following and copying the trades of a Strategy Manager who makes a $500 profit on his next successful trade. Through Alpari CopyTrade’s system, the Strategy Manager earns an extra 10% of this profit, while you add $450 to your initial investment for a total of $1450. Without as much as lifting a finger, you’ve earned a tidy sum. Not bad, right?
Alpari Review

Want to trade forex but don’t know where to start? Experience all the excitement of the most liquid market in the world when you copy the trades of a suitable Strategy Manager.

Bonuses and Promotions

As seems to be the case with many Forex brokers now, Alpari does not offer deposit bonuses anymore. Instead, they provide alternatives to entice you not so much to open an account but to keep trading.

Currently They have 2 promotions:

  • Cashback promotion
  • Refer a friend

Cashback promotion
Alpari Review

How to Join the Alpari Cashback program

  1. Sign up for an Alpari International account
  2. Join our Alpari Cashback in myAlpari –you’ll find the full TCs there.
  3. Make a deposit
  4. Trade and enjoy cashback weekly

Refer A Friend
Alpari Review

How does it work, exactly?


  1. Sign in to your Alpari International account, find the promotion to read accepts its Terms and Conditions.
  2. Access your unique referral link.
  3. Share your referral link with everyone in your contacts and display it over social media.
  4. Earn 50$ whenever a referral of yours meets the full conditions.

Customer Support

Alpari provides customer support via email, chat, and telephone. High-quality customer support services are offered to all clients regardless of their status or type of account.

Live Chat is clearly visible on the website making it easily accessible to traders. Agents are highly-responsive, easy to talk to, and pick calls almost instantly to respond to inquiries from traders.

They offers customer support in multiple languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian and many more.
Alpari Review

Research Education

If you are looking to learn the basics of trading, there are a variety of trader education tools. Simply open the ‘Learn to Trade’ tab and you will find articles such as ‘The Beginner’s Guide to Trading’.

Alpari Review
They also offers seminars and webinars to traders to ensure that they have all the necessary trading information.

But, they do not offer any research tools on their website or within their trading platform. However, some MetaTrader platforms do offer news directly from the platform.

Overall the trader education offering is very limited.


Alpari is a very reputable broker with many years of experience. They pride themselves in the success of traders.

They are most likely the most trusted broker online offering a broad range of competitive services and products to both new and experienced traders.

The financial markets are accessible to both large and small investors alike, as Alpari’s most popular account type has a minimum deposit requirement of just USD/EUR 5. Leverage spreads and margins are also extremely competitive with floating leverage from 1:1000 offered on the Standard Account.

Alpari International also offers a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods which come with varying fees – some methods are free and some methods have fees.

Clients of Alpari International can trade on multiple asset classes including Forex, Stocks, Metals, Indices, Stocks and Cryptocurrencies on the globally recognised MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 trading platforms. These are available on Desktop, Web and through a Mobile Trading App.

There are a variety of trading options available to suit the needs of each individual investor. For those that lack the time or confidence to trade but still wish to experience the thrill of the markets, the broker offers Alpari Copy Trading. This innovative investment service allows you to automatically copy the trades of more experienced traders. After browsing throughout the broker’s Top-Ranking Strategy Manager page and choosing a Strategy Manager to follow, their trades will instantly be copied into your account. or apply to become a Strategy Manager and earn through commission fee

In addition to their unbeatable products and services, They have an excellent customer support staff and their website, which can be accessed in multiple languages, is easy to use and highly responsive.

Alpari International also offer a "Refer a friend" program and other regular promotions to its clients like Loyalty Cashback.

They are certainly shining amongst the vast competition, and its determination to remain a modern and exemplary broker is making the company an extremely attractive choice for today’s investors.

Yet, we would be glad to know your personal opinion about Alpari, you may share your experience in the comment area below, or ask us for some additional information if required.

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